Tax Preparation

It's always tax season at Martin Financial Services!



Whether you are an individual employed by someone else, or the owner of a business, the tax professionals at Martin Financial Services have the expertise to lead you to a potentially lower tax liability.   Our tax professionals prepare Corporate, Partnership, Estate, Trust, Gift and Personal tax returns.  They work all year to keep abreast of the latest issues affecting taxes to help you reduce your tax liability.  They also firmly believe that planning for tax consequences in decisions made is the key to reducing tax, thereby leaving more money in their clients' pockets.  In the event of any issues arising with the IRS, our tax professionals are always available to help resolve them.





  • Tax favored investing
  • Intra-family transfers
  • Charitable transfers
  • Avoiding tax traps
  • Traditional vs. Roth IRAs
  • 529 Plans & College funding
  • Pension vs. Lump sum distributions




  • S corporation strategies
  • Timing of expenses
  • Retirement plans
  • Basis for losses
  • Employee fringe benefit
  • Like kind exchanges
  • Business tax credits